"something that can't kill u will only make you stronger!"
(Andrea Hirata 'Sang Pemimpi')

1st event
a friend ask me what is the reason for people like us (a social voluntary worker in third world) to stand in our mission? i think it is a normal question. yea why we active in a social world like this? voluntary world in third world is a lonely world. no salary, no financial guarantee (at least it is not for short term), and look just spending time for nonprofit (financially) activities! for youngster in my age (up to 23 years old) yup, it is a normal question. hmmmm......

2nd event
i visited my lecture one day, his residence is in kwitang area near to famous used and old book shops in pasar senen. the lecture is mr salahuddin en-nadwi, he is a professor for arabic linguistic from azhar university in egypt. fortunately he lecture my class for about 3 years, so for my classmates he is a close figure. i came to his residence to ask for remedial. as i introduce myself as one of muhammadiyya junior youth association activist then he asked me "do you paid for doing this work?'. "nope" i replied. "so where you get your daily overhead?" he asked me in curious. "i just have side job beside" i answered. "so how long do spend your time there?" he continue. "we are on call" i said (ha...ha.. on call is cool than uncertainty). seems my way of thought couldn't be understood by the profesor... how can we do something for nothing return?

3rd event
in a sunny afternoon i just relaxed watching a motivation program in JakTv. hmm it is cool. we can hardly find a few positive program in our TV stations today. and this is one of them. i enjoy it. it is like a business consultation in a TV show. but i'm not gonna tell you about the program. it just a sentence that remain in my mind for the motivator. he said "we cannot know how far can we go, or how hard we can work, or our maximum effort, unless we do the hardest thing that we can do, so we can truly reach our limit" other sentence "never mind how far we go, if we think we choose the wrong way just turn around".

so, i dunno how can i construct these events into a good message, life is not a black and white. sometimes we don't understand the message behind an event we have passed directly in that moment. sometime we feel unlucky when god save us from a worse possibility. i think i can give you more explanation later.... just watch out..

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