this daybreak i have to wake much more earlier, 03.00 AM. i have to catch taxi from my cousin's house to the airport 'cengkareng'. jakarta haven't woke up when i leave the house with taxi. we consider it will be a long trip, but we miss because just in 45 minutes we arrive the airport. but it is better because we won't miss the check in time. i help her to check in. after all checked we pray for shubuh in musholla near the terminal. it is in terminal 1A, AirAsia airlines flight time 6.20 AM. but all passenger can board at 5.50 AM.

when we were waiting for the boarding time, my aunt, my father call us whether my sister has checked out the plane. and there is a problem because my sister baggage was overweighed so it has to be extra charged. it over 6 kgs, so we have to pay for 20.000 IDR/kg. pyuuuuuh it was charged 120.000 IDR for 6 kgs.

finally my sister have to board and i just can wave left by her. good bye mys sister, see u in pekan baru, just keep in touch. fortunately we have take our family photograph last saturday, so we can star at the photograph when we miss each other. family home sweet home.... the place we can return everywhere, everytime, any where. it last forever....

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