last month i visited a fabulous video in my cousin's house with my younger sister in pekan baru Riau. it is a very emotional inspirational video, a motivating video. many people talk about this video. it become hot issue man people talk about it. the video entitled 'the secret'. they call it because it contain of people secret from generation to generation. a secret that have made people in the past reach the peak of victory, and also will the people in the future. it is the law of attraction!

i am not talking the law of earth's gravitation, the attraction between earth and moon which cause high tide in the coast. but it is about confidence, believe and the power that everybody has within which can help them to reach everything, to make dream to reality.

it contains of commentary from experts from various background, philosophers, physicians, psychiatries, mathematicians and so on. i can highlight here that mind control our behavior. so confidence is the key of our success. if we think big so we will have big thing. in contrary, if we think small we just get what we think.

i think this is a good video with new approach. it mix between many disciplines and make motivation issues become broader and wider. so i don't need to explain me further. just go to shop and look for this video, and find the great secret of human being. Take it to your life and be ready to be extraordinary!!!!

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