oh my god, i already be a senior undergraduate student. my semester number is 12th. and I've became student of UIN Syahid for almost 6 years. what a long long time. many my classmates have finished their study last semester. my parents, colleague and family start asking me a disturbing question "when will you finish your study?"... oh my gosh....

i enter to UIN with class 2002. my major is Islamic and Arabic Studies. it is a cooperation between UIN Syahid and Al-Azhar University in Egypt. People called my class as an international class. But it is already become an independent faculty of UIN now. Yea it is a special faculty, because it is using Arabic as language for teaching and learning. i learn in Arabic, present subjects in Arabic and all student have to write their final script in Arabic also. And the important thing we have to memorize eight chapters of Quran to graduate from this Faculty. My degree will be bachelor of Islamic studies, what a title.

i late to finish my study for some reason. i got some bad marks in some study, so i have to take it for twice in 4th and 5th year. i mean i have to take extra class to reach my minimum target for my cumulative marks (IPK). i target to have at leas 3.0 IPK, so i still have chance to continue my study and look for scholarship. maintaining the chance. las semester (semester 10th) i reach my target, so i intend to continue and start writing my final script in semester 11th. but i unfocused and i have no progress in semester 11th except secure my cumulative marks (IPK).

actually i target to finish my study last year (2007) but i fail to fulfill it. i confess it is because i don't take to finish my study with serious effort. and now in semester 12th i promise to myself to finish my study this year whatever happen! I don't need extra semester. although i have to push my self to do it. and i am sure i can do it. i need your support fella!

my primary problem is in arranging my proposal. i have made it before, long time ago (6 months ago). but it still in a very raw draft. i intend to research about Islam and Environmental Issue : a study of Quranic commentaries. but i haven't finished making the composition of my writing, it so ashamed me. this week i am gonna make it right. this week i am gonna make it happen. and i hope i can start writing next month. just wish me luck my friend. this is for me a milestone that surely i have make it make me jump higher doing it for my future. for a brighter future, finish my study as soon as possible! amen....

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