A famous proverb said that art makes life more beautiful. One form of the famous art is music. Music can make people's life more beautiful. If we observe human's life is full of music. If we notice carefully our heart beat is at the same with rhyme and tempo in music. Even our step also has its own tempo.

There are evidences that listening to music could improve the quality of people's life. Music can make one's feel relaxed, calm and help them to think well. It also could help to improve people's intelligence. The Mozart effect is very well known among parents that listening to classical music such as Mozart, Beethoven and the kind could enhance baby's intelligent.

Music also could help us to build one's mood. If we listen a slow love song like Hero of Mariah Carey, we will feel romantic, lovely or event broken heart depend on the lyrics of the songs. Conversely, we will also feel energetic and brave if listen to a hit song from Van Halen or Aerosmith. So it influences people emotion. No wonder if motivation training also used music to condition the audience so the message could be accepted effectively.

There are two kind of music based on its origin, international music that heard everywhere like pop music and traditional music that played in specific region such Country and Dangdut. Each genre has its pros and cons. But I think traditional music is more important and has many advantages.

Traditional music is localized music that has its own distinction. Country and Latin music is famous with its guitar playing. We could enjoy the vibrant skilled guitar player and intense melody if we heard to Country or Latin music. Dangdut and Indian traditional songs is rich with percussion and vocal technic. The other advantage of traditional music is its rich of local values. Music is part of the culture that represents the condition of each locality. The lyric of every traditional song describe the lifestyle and point of view of cultures that vary one to another. Those features could not be found in international music that tends to be standardized to accommodate broader audience.

Yes that music preference is optional and people are free to choose any kind of music based on his sense. But considering advantages of traditional music I am sure that it is more important to be preserved than international music.

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