One interesting experience to join a conference abroad is having an opportunity to see the world. I am lucky that I had chances to go to some countries. Last year I went to Cape Town in South Africa for The Union World Lung Heath Conference 2015. This is my first journey to Africa that make it very interesting.

Firstly many people perceived Africa as a hot and dry continent. I did not find this assumption is 100% correct. Because when I landed in Cape Town international airport I found the temperature is relatively the same with my home country, Indonesia. It is around 25 - 35 degrees celcius. 

One of my acquaintance that came from China found in the internet that Cape Town will be at 17 degrees. But he was amazed to find that the city is warm with a beautiful sky. It is very different compare to Beijing where at moment he left is at 7 degrees.

In term of weather south Africa or Cape Town in particular is beyond my expectation in a good manner.

15 Hours Flight

I flew to Cape Town with Emirates Airways with one transit in Dubai. I flew from Jakarta for about 7 hours and caught the connecting flight from Dubai to Cape Town for another 8 hours.  It is actually a tiring travel when you have to fly for about 15 hours. 

But Emirates Airways is a good choice for such a long flight. The service, the meal and the inflight entertainment are very comfortable.  Emirates called their inflight entertainment system with ICE (information, communication and entertainment system). As we can found in other flight, we could enjoy new movies, videos, news and other programs along the flight.  

Fabulous Cape Town
Cape Town is a nice city. It is one of the most visited city in South Africa or even in African Countries. Cape Town has good infrastructure and city plan. Public transportation is good and integrated. 

One thing to be noted for Indonesian visitor is that cape town has the same rate with Jakarta. I mean the price of food and beverages is almost the same with Jakarta. South African currency called RAND is relatively equal to Indonesian rupiah with 1 Rand equal to 1000 rupiah. 

Cape Town also has important historical root for South Africa, where the great Madiba, Nelson Mandela, was born, gron and rise to be the great South African leader. We also can find the Robben Island where he had been detained in apartheid era. We can also find the Cape of Good Hope, the place where the European colony landed and stepped the african continent at the first time. It is indeed has a strong historical position. 

When Ii was there for 7 days, I was lucky to visit some places and attractions. 

The first place I visited was the Waterfront Dock near the Cape Town International Convention Center. It is 15 minutes walk from Southern Sun The Cullinan Hotel where I stayed during my program. Waterfront is a harbor featured with restaurants, cafes, mall and off course the city harbor. You can find merchandise and good stuffs in the place.

I also visited Boulder Beach, the center of African penguin sanctuary. The place is also interesting, where you can find penguin outside the Pole.  You can check my pictures and video below. I also visited Cape Point, Chapman Peaks,  Simon Town. 

These destinations could be reached with a half day travel from cape town using taxi, rental car or bus. If you travel in group of 4 or 5, i suggest you to go with rental car that will cost you 1500-2000 Rand.  You can also catch the tour package that you can find in your hotel.

The other place that i visited was the Top of Table Mountain. This is a must see place if you go to Cape Town. Table Mountain is a rocky mountain that is recorded as one of World Magnificent. The mountain is a huge table shaped rock with great view to Cape Town City.  We can reach it by Taxi and hiking up to the top or riding the Cable Car. You will not disappoint to visit this great place.

Last but not least you also can catcth the city bus to look around the city.  There is a two storey bus that circulate the city and can bring you to see the city and some attractions.  This is the simple way to know better the city with one ride. 

So,  that is it my experience to visit Cape Town. I have shared the good part about Cape Town.  But to make it balance i would also warn you for the safety in Cape Town. I would suggest you not to walk alone in the late night or early morning in cape town street. Especially when you has asian look like me. You can find many beggar or people who drunk in the street and ask you for penny. Do not looked gloomy and try to avoid silent street.  So just be aware and enjoy. 

At the Cape of Good Hope
This is the Cape Point, behind us are two ocean the Insdian and The Pacific.

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